Here is the story of how the idea of Give One Dream was born.

As many of you know, I have published a book, 꿈을 이뤄드립니다 (“Live Your Dream”- click here for book info) about 9 people’s journey to pursuing and living their dreams. I dedicated the 10th chapter of my book for readers to write their own dreams to become part of the book. I have been grateful and touched by the responses I have received from readers who were inspired and encouraged by the stories in my book, and shared, sent and brought me in person their 10th chapter full of their dreams.

I am launching Give One Dream to create a community of people to share, encourageinspire and help one another to achieve our dreams together.

The first step for Give One Dream is the Mentor Series where you will get a chance to meet in person and hear from inspiring people about their journey to living their dreams (a live version of my book)— how they found their passion, stayed true to their vision despite inevitable struggles and difficulties, and got the courage to get up and try again after many failures.

How do these Mentor Series help a person pursue his or her dream? I believe stories are powerful in inspiring and encouraging people as I have experienced in my own life, and from seeing how the lives of my readers and others were touched and changed by the inspiring stories they have read or heard. 

I launched the first Mentor Series on June 24th, 2014 with one of the most respected and famous writers from Korea, Kyung-sook Shin. She shared with us her journey of pursing her childhood dream of becoming a novelist despite many struggles and challenges she had to overcome.

At the second Give One Dream Mentor Series on August 26th, 2014, Thomas Park Clement shared his story of inspiring journey from an orphan during the Korean War to becoming a successful inventor and entrepreneur.

At the Give One Dream: Afternoon Tea with Celina on September 14th, 2014,  I shared the behind story of how my childhood dream- to have a book with my name on it- came to life, and what I learned during this journey.

We had our fourth event at MIT on November 20th, 2014, and I shared with students about what I wish I had known during college, especially about success and happiness. 

On December 9th, we had our holiday party to express sincere gratitude to all those who supported our community and helped it to grow. 

I invite you to join and support our community by giving a gift of inspiration and encouragement by purchasing Pay Forward Tickets and join our group of wonderful sponsors! :)

Thank you for your love and support in growing this community! :)