Hi! I am Celina, the founder of Give One Dream. 

I want to share with you the story about how Give One Dream started.

My very first childhood dream was to one day have a book with my name on it. Many people including my mom said my dream was impossible and discouraged me from pursuing it. However, that didn’t stop me from pursuing and achieving my childhood dream of writing and publishing a book. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but also one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences.

My book is about stories of people who pursued their dreams and I dedicated the last chapter of my book to the readers to write their own dreams so they can become part of the book. After my book got published, I was touched by the responses from many readers who sent me their dreams chapters. 

I wanted to help them as many people have helped me to achieve my childhood dream. Therefore, I founded Give One Dream, a community of people who share, encourage, and help one another to achieve our dreams together.

The community has now become a global movement and inspires many people around the world to pursue and achieve their dreams.

I have also started a Live Your Dream Podcast, and share conversations with people from different walks of life about how they pursued their dreams. Their journeys reveal stories about dreams, courage, inspiration and creativity.

If you are interested in participating or supporting Give One Dream, or to receive updates about our community, please send us a message.

To learn more about my background, you can visit my coaching website.

Thank you for your love and support in growing this community!