Live Your Dream


Many students around the world have participated in Share Your Dream campaign, motivating them to not only clarify their dreams and commit them to paper, but also made them feel heard and understood. Many teachers and students have shared how powerful and positive the experience was.

The idea for Live Your Dream program stemmed from this enthusiastic and overwhelming response.

Live Your Dream program takes the students on an inspirational journey of making their dream a reality.  Students brainstorm and pick a dream that they can achieve during the program. They start with writing or drawing their dreams, and are coached to experience a series of steps to achieve their dreams. At the end, they present the dreams they have accomplished. 

By experiencing a powerful journey of making their dream a reality, students develop self-esteem, resilience and grit. This experience lasts a lifetime and serves as a powerful reminder that they can achieve anything they put their mind to, helping them to overcome future challenges.

Students build character, and improve communication skills both in writing and speaking, and develop self-confidence, resilience, and empathy.

The first Live Your Dream program was successfully held at Academy of Urban Planning High School in Bushwick, Brooklyn, a working class neighborhood in New York City.  

Students loved the experience of making their dreams a reality. They started with participating in Share Your Dream campaign by writing or drawing their dreams on postcards, and were coached to figure out the steps to achieve their own dreams. They were each given dream journals where they wrote down specific steps they came up with and reflected on their experiences. They also expressed their thoughts and feelings on the dream journals, and wrote down what they have felt and learned.

At the end of the program, they presented and shared with classmates what they have learned and accomplished. A student whose dreams is to be a singer song writer wrote songs, another student whose dreams it to be a fashion model is applying to a modeling agency. A student whose dream is to be an artist worked on many drawings and artworks. And many more dreams became realities.


“What I learned in this program was no matter what goal/dream you have for yourself, you should never give up.”

- David Andrade, 11th Grade


“I learned how to stay motivated and confident.”

- Enrique Flores, 11th Grade


“I have learned self motivation and determination. It is an amazing program. Thank you for planting a seed for my dream to become a singer/song writer.”

- Manuel Arenas, 11th Grade