One Inspirational Story ...

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Give One Dream was started with a simple idea— when there is a supportive community, many more people will be able to achieve their dreams.

One of our efforts towards this goal is our Share Your Dream campaign. By asking people to write down or draw one dream or a bucket list item, we encourage people to think about and take action towards things that they want to do but did not make time for or may have forgotten.

We then share the dreams people send us on our social media platforms. It serves as a reminder to them and also inspires others to think about and pursue their own dreams.

Through this community, we have created a supportive and safe place for people to tell their stories about their dreams. And we learn so much about people through these stories because dreams tell a story about who we are, where we came from, and where we want to go.

One important goal for Share Your Dream campaign is to give voice to people who usually don’t have a chance to be heard. It is a fundamental human desire to be listened to. We feel validated and understood when we are heard.

Therefore, we visit schools and communities in high-poverty regions where some of the most vulnerable populations live. We ask the students and residents about their dreams and share them on our Facebook and Instagram.

The campaign grew through word of mouth and we started receiving dreams from people in many different countries around the world.

One day, we heard from schools in high-poverty region in Ghana in Africa. The students wanted to participate in our campaign but they did not have any crayons.

It broke our hearts to learn that there are kids in this world who grow up without any crayons. Thanks to the generosity of many people in our community, we sent these kids many boxes of crayons, and they had an opportunity to express their dreams in color for the first time in their lives. We received some of the most beautiful and colorful dreams we have ever seen.

We have been so touched and inspired by these dreams and many others we have received. If you are interested in sending crayons to kids who grow up without them so they can draw their dreams, please visit our Pay Forward page. (Thank you!)  To learn more about how Give One Dream, please visit “Our Story.” 

Thank you for your love and support in growing this community!