Live Your Dream party in Seoul

On January 14th, 2016, Give One Dream had its first event outside of the U.S., in Seoul, Korea!

In just few days of announcing the event, we had over 400 people RSVP, and we sold out in 3 days before we even had a chance to announce the speakers!  We are so grateful for your enthusiasm and support!  The evening started out with three amazing and inspirational speakers who shared their stories on how they pursued and achieved their dreams, and what they learned during their journey.  Then, people got to be their future selves living their dream at the "Live Your Dream" party!  Thank you for celebrating our first international event with us! We can't wait to return to Seoul with another event! 


Live Your Dream party in NYC

On November 21st, 2015, Give One Dream presented "Live Your Dream" party in NYC!


We all have goals, dreams, and aspiration... How would you feel when you have achieved your dream and become the person you have always wanted to be? At the "Live Your Dream" party in NYC, people got to live the moment of their dreams! Everyone thought about a long time goal or dream they've had for your lives and came to the party as if their dreams came true. The room was full of super successful and inspirational people! We had successful entrepreneurs, bestselling writers, famous artists, YouTube stars, millionaires, successful musicians, etc...  :) Thank you for spending an inspirational night with us!  


Happiness at Work!

On September 24th, Give One Dream presents a panel discussion on Happiness at Work!

If you want to find out how to pursue a career that you find to be meaningful and fulfilling, please join us!  

Update: We added a live streaming link for our event! Find us at We will go live at 7:15pm tonight.

Panel discussion will start at 7pm followed by a reception. We will serve food and unlimited drinks! :)

I would be so grateful if you can please help others attend by sponsoring Pay Forward Tickets! :) (You can purchase pay forward tickets by selecting "Pay Forward tickets" in the Ticket Type. What is a pay forward ticket? Please see this link!

You can also request pay forward tickets, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors! :) If you are a student, or experiencing financial & other difficulty and need a gift of inspiration, please send me an email. 

Give One Dream is a labor of love, and despite many challenges, we are doing our best to grow this community so that we can continue to help people. If you want to make a contribution to help create this event and to grow this community, please consider giving a donation. Any amount of donation will be super helpful, and I will be forever indebted to you for your generosity! You can paypal to  (

If you have questions you want to ask the panelists during the event, please email me in advance. Feel free to share anything personal- I won't share your name (unless you want me to).  Also, If you want to help out in any way, or have any questions about the event, please email

If you are not in NY, please share the invitation link to your friends in NY who may be interested in attending.

Thank you and see you on September 24th! :)


Give One Dream: Afternoon Tea with Celina on September 14th

Many of you have asked me if there is an English version of my book and while it's only available in Korean for now, I'd like to invite a small group of you to my place on September 14th, and I'll share with you (in English!) what my book was about, how and why I wrote it, what I learned from the people I have interviewed, and the answer to the question I get the most- "What are the common characteristics of the successful people?"

You'll also hear about some crazy things I did to try to meet these busy and famous people (I got more rejections while trying to write this book than I have in my whole life!), how I turned "NO" into YES(!)", and the creative (and crazy) ways I approached and persuaded people to join in my vision. Not only did they eventually meet with me, not once but many times, but they also became my friends, mentors, and the greatest supporters of my vision! :) I'll share with you the behind story of how my childhood dream- to have a book with my name on it- came to life, and what I learned during this journey.After the talk, you'll also have time to write your own dream chapter (called the "10th chapter" in my book) that have inspired the birth of Give One Dream. I'll share with you some tips and advice on how you can find your passion and pursue your dream. You can also ask me any questions you have. Many of you asked me for advice on writing and publishing, and I'll be happy to share with you what I have learned.

We will serve a beautiful variety of tea that I brought home while traveling in different parts of the world (did I tell you I'm passionate about tea and traveling? :)) with an assortment of healthy baked cookies, finger sandwiches, scones, and sweets.

Of course, you can also give a gift of inspiration and encouragement by purchasing Pay Forward Tickets and join our group of wonderful sponsors! :)

Anyone is welcome but space is limited so please make sure to register early if you want to join me! Of course you are welcome to join us if you read my book too!

My place is in Chelsea and the exact address will be provided to those who are attending.

See you on September 14th! :)



Give One Dream Mentor Series #2 - Thomas Park Clement

I am excited to announce that the second Give One Dream Mentor Series will be on August 26th!   We will start the festivities at 6pm with a reception at the rooftop with a breathtaking 360 degree view of NYC! I guarantee you that this is probably the best view of the City you have ever seen… Make sure to bring a camera because you will want to take lots of pictures! 


Then at 7pm, our mentor for the evening, Thomas Park Clement will share with you his story of inspiring journey from an orphan during the Korean War to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 


At 8:15pm, join us for an outdoor lawn summer BBQ party with amazing Asian inspired BBQs, awesome sides, lots of drinks (unlimited!), and of course dessert! We will also continue the party at the spectacular rooftop with nighttime skyline of the beautiful NYC.


So who is in?  RSVP at the link below to joins us the night of Inspiration + Fun! 

Purchase your tickets!

Date : August 26th 2014 6pm

Venue: 101 W 24th Street 3Fl New York, NY 10011

Give One Dream – Mentor Series Author Kyung-sook Shin

The first step for Give One Dream is the Mentor Series where you will get a chance to meet in person and hear from inspiring people about their journey to living their dreams (a live version of my book)— how they found their passion, stayed true to their vision despite inevitable struggles and difficulties, and got the courage to get up and try again after many failures.

Opening the Mentor Series is the writer, Kyung-sook Shin (신경숙 작가님), one of the most respected, famous and loved writers from Korea. Celina Lee, the founder of Give One Dream, will interview Kyung-sook Shin, and you can hear about how Ms. Shin achieved her dream of becoming a writer as well as how Ms. Shin became Celina’s mentor, and how Ms. Shin helped to make Celina’s dream come true. The talk session will be followed by reception and party at a beautiful place.  

Date: June 24, 2014 7PM

Place: 139 Centre Street PH2 New York NY 10013